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MA Students

Michael Bumann
Modern Chinese History, Chinese Educational Culture

Adrian Carney
MPP/MA Chinese Public Policy, International Relations, Sino-American Relations

Marilyn Evenmo
Art and Architecture of Medieval China

Alexander Garcia
Environmental history, Water Management, Nationalization of Water Resources

Hanyu Hou
Late-Imperial Chinese Fiction / Drama, Architectural / Performative Culture in Ming-Qing Literature

Raymond Hsu
Chinese Popular Religion and Material Culture; Folk Performance in Modern Chinese Politics

Meizi Li
Chinese education policy, specifically the education gap between rural and urban China

Weiwei Lu
High Imperial China (primarily the Song Dynasty), Material Culture, Social History, Gender Studies

Wang Weihang
Social History of China; Chinese Gender History; Migration.

Lingyan Xu
Traditional Chinese Fiction and Drama, Material Culture in Ming-Qing China

Lynn Zheng (JD/MA)
Contemporary Chinese Society; Law