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MA MBA Dual Degree Program

Students in the MA/MBA in Chinese Studies will be able to combine the high marks that the Ross graduates receive for teamwork, leadership, and analytical ability with expertise in Chinese language, economy, society and culture. Graduates of the program have assumed leadership positions in the China operations of several multinational corporations, working in business development, marketing, and finance. Many are based in East Asia, either in mainland China or in regional headquarters.

Application Information
Applicants to the MA/MBA dual-degree program must complete separate applications to the Ross School of Business and Rackham Graduate School and be admitted by both units.

  • Applicants should indicate on both applications that they are applying for this specific dual-degree program. Please make sure the correct box is checked on the MBA application.
  • Indicate in question #1 on Rackham's application that you are also applying to the Ross School.
  • Please provide more details about your interest in pursuing this dual degree in your Statement of Purpose.

This dual-degree program is not open to students who have earned either an MA in Chinese Studies or an MBA. Students registered in the first year of either program may apply for the dual degree.

Application Deadline


  • GMAT is required for admission to the Ross School of Business
  • GRE or GMAT is acceptable for admission to the Center for Chinese Studies

Course Order

  • First Year: Because of the sequenced nature of core courses in the MBA program, most students will find it advantageous to start their first year in the Ross School.
  • Second Year: Students will complete courses in the Center for Chinese Studies.
  • Third Year: Courses may be taken in both schools.

No course work completed prior to admission may be counted toward the MBA requirements of the dual program. No transfer of credit from other institutions will be accepted for any part of this program.

Course Requirements
MBA 45-credit-hour degree program:

  • 30 credit-hour MBA core
  • 15 elective hours in Business Administration
  • MBA communication requirement

CCS 24-credit-hour degree program:

  • Interdisciplinary seminars in Chinese Studies: CCS 501 and CCS 502
  • One course from the history department on Chinese history
  • One course focusing primarily on the imperial or pre-imperial period
  • One course focusing on modern China
  • MA thesis (may register for CSIB 750 or CCS 700)
  • Third year level Chinese language competency
  • Chinese Language

Chinese Language Requirement

  • Students in the MA program in Chinese Studies must complete third-year competence in reading and speaking Chinese.
  • Only fourth-year-level language classes can count toward the CCS degree credit requirement.
  • Students with limited prior language training are encouraged to apply for summer language study fellowships as a means to fulfill the language requirement.

Under special circumstances MA/MBA dual-degree students can petition to satisfy this requirement with only one semester of third-year Chinese.

For more information on this program contact:

International Institute Graduate Academic Services Office at or 734.763.4528.
Ross School of Business, Office of Admissions at 734.763.5496 or