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MA MPP Dual Degree Program

This MA/MPP in Chinese Studies is designed for students who seek employment in the public, non-profit, or private sector by combining the Ford School training in research, analytical, and management skills with CCS's focus on language proficiency, regional knowledge and interdisciplinary expertise in the humanities and social sciences. Students in the dual degree program will develop policy skills and methodologies to work effectively in positions in or related to China. The degree offers a unique opportunity for students to study under faculty members with diverse yet complimentary specializations, to learn from a program of courses each student can tailor to fit his/her professional plans, and to be part of a small cohort of outstanding an highly motivated graduate students.

Application Information
Applicants to the MA/MPP dual-degree program must complete separate applications for each program and pay separate application fees. Applications should be submitted to the Rackham School of Graduate Studies. If a student is admitted to only one program, the student may choose to accept enrollment in that program.

  • Supplemental application materials must be sent to both the Ford School and CCS.
  • Students must satisfy the requirements of each degree program and should consult with advisors in each school for the precise requirements.
  • A student should submit a Dual Degree Course Elections Form at the beginning of his or her final year of study in the combined program. Both the Ford School and CCS must approve the form.

The dual-degree program is not open to students who have already earned either the MA in Chinese studies or the MPP. Students registered in the first year of either program may apply for the dual degree.

Application Deadline

  • January 15, Ford School of Public Policy
  • December 15, LRCCS


  • GRE is required for admission to the Center for Chinese Studies and the Ford School

Course Requirements
Ford School of Public Policy 36-credit-hour MPP degree program:

  • Ford School core requirements (26 credits)
  • Ford School electives (10 credits)
  • 10-week internship in a Chinese language-speaking environment abroad (usually completed in summer between 1st and 2nd year)

Center for Chinese Studies 24-credit-hour MA degree program:

  • Interdisciplinary seminars in Chinese Studies: CCS 501 (social science) and CCS 502 (humanities)
  • One course from the history department on Chinese history
  • One course focusing primarily on the imperial or pre-imperial period
  • One course focusing on modern China
  • MA thesis (may register for CCS 700)
  • Third-year-level Chinese language competency

Chinese Language Requirement

  • Students in the MA program in Chinese Studies must complete third-year competence in reading and speaking Chinese.
  • Only fourth-year-level language classes can count toward the CCS degree credit requirement.
  • Students with limited prior language training are encouraged to apply for summer language study fellowships as a means to fulfill the language requirement.

Under special circumstances MA/MPP dual-degree students can petition to be allowed to satisfy this requirement with only one semester of third-year Chinese.

For more information on this program contact: International Institute Graduate Academic Services Office at or 734.763.4528.

Ford School of Public Policy, Student Services Program Coordinator at 734.764.3490.