About Us

Mission Statement

The Center for South Asian Studies (CSAS), within the U-M's International Institute (II), works to support and organize educational and research programs in South Asia that help to make Michigan a national leader in the field of South Asian studies.


The University of Michigan has had a long history of involvement in Asian studies since the 1870s and has since established area specific centers to continue growing as a leading academic institution for area studies.

Outstanding Faculty

Our faculty associates engage in a wide range of service activities.

Library Resources

The South Asia collection consists of over 300,000 titles in various formats, including over 70,000 monographs in South Asian languages, over 1,500 current serial titles, and a growing collection of feature films.


Languages taught by center faculty include Hindi, Urdu, Pali, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Tamil and Tibetan.

Community Connections

The center takes seriously its responsibilities in promoting a broader and deeper understanding of South Asia and its peoples.