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Fellowships, Grants, and Internships

PICS 2014 Longwoods Fellows with Mr. William Siegel (PhD '70) of Longwoods International. From Left: Michael (Mike) Stinivage, Summer internship with Buenaonda snc. di Cuattoli e Schmieder, Sardinia, Italy; Andrea Montoya, Summer internship with BA Cup in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Mr. William Siegel; Kledia Xhlilaj, Summer internship at the Ministry of Urban Planning and Tourism, Albania; Enxhi Merpeza, Summer internship at the Ministry of Urban Planning and Tourism, Albania; and Alison Climes, Summer research in global health  with Global Design in Africa, Accra, Ghana.



The Program in International and Comparative Studies (PICS) extends financial support to University of Michigan students engaging in projects related to: human rights, international development, international security and cooperation, global health and environment, and comparative culture and identity. Specifically, the Program administers grants for  study abroad, research and internships to IS majors and minors in the form of Summer Research and Internship Grants and the Study Abroad Grants. In addition, PICS administers two programs open to all University of Michigan undergraduate students, the Arctic Internships Fellowship and Korea-Michigan Human Rights Research Fellowship. It  keeps track of various internship, research, and funding opportunities in and related to international issues on our announcement blog