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CES offers a graduate course on European Studies, which is required for students enrolled in the Graduate Certificate in European and European Union Studies, as well as a graduate directed reading course.  

EURO 600.001 (European Studies Proseminar)

Fall 2016: Studies in Early Modern European History (meets with HIST 640.001)
Cultural history has become the dominant paradigm for historians of eighteenth-century France, and, indeed, in other fields as well, but what exactly does that mean? This course is intended to explore the range of histories that are called “cultural,” the theories and methods that cultural historians draw upon, the questions that cultural historians try to answer, and the ways they go about doing so.

EURO 801 (Directed Reading) 

This course is available for students who wish to pursue independent study with a faculty member focused on European studies.

For additional course listings and descriptions, and past EURO courses, please refer to the LSA Course Guide.